Shah Rhum and the incident of Mard Momin
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Shah Rhum and the incident of Mard Momin

It is said that a brave warrior of Rome captured a group of Muslims during the time of Hazrat Umar (RA) and told the king of Rome that one of the Muslims was a very strong and formidable person. Whose fear is known even by looking at it. On hearing this, King Rome called to see this person.

According to the constitution of that time, a chain was attached in front of the emperor. Due to which the outsider had to bow before the king. When this male believer saw the chain and knew that he had to bend under it and go forward. So he refused to appear before the king. Then King Rome ordered the chain to be lifted so that the man could come to him.


He was allowed to see and talk to him. So when that person went to the king. So the king said to that person that you should enter our religion so that I can put my ring on you and give you the empire of Rome. On hearing this, the believing man said, “How much of the world is in your possession?” The king said that almost one-third or one-fourth of the world is in my possession.

The believing man replied that if the whole world was in your possession, you would give it to me in exchange for one day’s call to prayer. So I would not have accepted your invitation even then. While you want to buy my faith for your kingdom. After hearing this, Shah Rum inquired what the call to prayer is. So the male believer recited the words of Adhan in front of him.

After hearing this, the king of Rome understood that the love of Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has settled in his heart. It won’t work that way. Thinking this, he ordered that a pot of water should be fed and the person put into it. So that by reading in boiling water, his work will be completed or he will turn away from his religion out of fear. So the order was passed.

When this male believer was put into the cauldron, he entered it reciting Bismillah and came out the other side with the blessing of God’s command. Seeing this, the people were even more surprised and after that the king ordered that he should be locked up in a dark room. And for forty days nothing shall be put into the chamber except swine and wine.

So it was complied with and when the cell was opened after forty days. So people saw what was put into it. The male believer did not eat anything from it. So it was inquired why did you not eat of it? However, in the Muhammadan Shari’ah, its use is permissible when there is such a need.

The male believer replied that if I had eaten some of it, you would have been happy. My goal is to make you angry. Then the king said to him, “Well, if you bow down to me, I will release you and your companions.” Hearing this, the believing man replied that in the religion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) it is not right to prostrate to anyone other than God.

After that, Shah Rum said, “Well then, kiss my hand so that I will release you and your companions.” The male believer replied that hand-kissing is permissible only for the father, Sultan Adil and the teacher. Not for another. Then Shah Rum said, “Kiss my forehead.” So the male believer replied that yes it is possible with one condition.

The king said as you please. So the male believer put his sleeve on her forehead and kissed her. With the intention that I’m kissing my sleeve. After that, the king released the believing man along with his companions with a lot of wealth. And wrote a letter to Hazrat Umar that if this person was in our city on our religion. So why should we worship him?

Therefore, when that man appeared in the service of Hazrat Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, he ordered that he should not reserve all of the wealth for his own share. Rather, include the people of the city of the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace. Hearing this, the male believer obeyed him and the donation or offering he received. All people participated in it.

The lesson

From this incident we learn that the truth is the person who trusts in Allah with faith and sincerity. Allah helps him in every situation. Therefore, we should also keep an eye on Allah at every turn. May Allah Ta’ala help us all to act. Amen