Doctor’s Visit in the UK for International Students

International students can visit a GP or walk-in clinic in the UK free of charge. If you visit a walk-in clinic during the open hours, you will have to wait your turn. If you want to skip the long wait, you could book an appointment with your GP. However, you might still face a few days’ wait until your appointment depending on how busy the clinic is.

When you show up for your appointment, head to the reception to let them know you are there and provide your appointment card if you have one. They will direct you to your doctor, who will look you over and offer a diagnosis or refer you for further treatment.

Your GP might refer you to a consultant or specialist. The NHS will only cover visits to a medical specialist if you have a referral letter from a GP, otherwise, you have to pay the specialist costs yourself.

حضرت سلیمان ؑ اور گمنام اللہ والے کا واقعہ

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