Best tips for good health
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Best tips for good health

Bathing immediately after eating can cause paralysis.
Strictly avoid eating radish at night. Because it is difficult to digest.
Drinking water immediately after hot milk causes coughing.
Baking bread by mixing gram flour and barley flour keeps sugar under control.
Eating lots and lots of onions can cause dark spots on the face.
If you can’t sleep, massage pure mustard oil on the soles of your feet and eat two spoons of honey before going to bed.

Drinking water after eating mango and lime pickle is very dangerous for cold, flu and cough.
If greens are boiled in boiling water before cooking, the taste increases.
Before going to bed at night, light a blue bulb in the room. By doing this, mosquitoes do not enter the room.
Place a piece of ginger in a bread pan. So the bread will stay soft and fresh throughout the day.
Tea and curd should not be consumed together. When these two come together in the stomach. So the digestive system slows down.
Put some sugar on burning coals and inhale the smoke to get rid of colds.
Fruit should not be eaten before going to bed. This is the worst time to eat them as it can spike your sugar levels and keep you up all night. But if you eat fruit at the beginning of the day. So you will be agile and energetic throughout the day.
If there is a sudden pain in the ear, massaging the little toe will bring relief to a great extent.
One should avoid drinking water after eating peanuts. Because it can result in coughing and sore throat.
Never consume meat and milk together. Otherwise damage may occur.
If a little work makes you tired. So use mint or raisins.
Taking a pinch of raw rice in the morning before sunrise strengthens the liver.
Banana shake is a huge favorite. But medical research has also revealed that eating bananas and milk together can cause upset stomach.
If there is pain in the stomach and legs during the days of menstruation. So, drinking neem leaves and ginger juice together gives relief.
The habit of eating eggs and bananas together can be very harmful for the body.
Add two or three drops of lemon juice to any frying pan. So the oil will be less absorbed in the fried item.
To reduce the intensity of sweating in the armpits, after taking a bath, rub a piece of alum on the armpit and then pour water there, the problem will go away.
Sometimes the meat is not cooked quickly. For this, put a couple of cloves of garlic in the pan. The meat will cook easily.